Thursday, January 31, 2008

Couples Massage Special Offer for Valentine Week

Looking for a unique, relaxing experience to make Valentine's Day wonderful for you and that special someone? Come to Radiance...
A perfect start to your perfect date.

During Valentine's week, February 10 through 16, 2008, we are making a special offer for Couple's Therapeutic Massage. $120 per couple for a one hour massage by two certified massage therapists. Same room or separate rooms available.
Call now to schedule your appointment. 290-1517

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Healing Altar at Radiance

Each morning after we arrive at Radiance, and get settled in, we light a candle on the altar. We keep a beautiful Blessing Bowl there, and read through all of the prayers each day. Some of the blessings are healing prayers that someone has asked for, some are for Peace or Justice, some are pleas that someone has left in the bowl. Because we often offer to put something in the Blessing Bowl when someone we encounter has a need, I felt that it would be good to post a photo of the altar here, so that you might see what it looks like. Of course, it changes with the seasons, but you get the idea. Right now we have a small runner-type cloth on the table, but sometimes we have elaborate scarves.

I'll tell you what's on the altar, at the moment, so you can tell what the individual pieces are in the photo. On the far left is a statue of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. He's holding a couple of calendula flowers and has a little string of prayer flags that Ember (age 7) made for him. Beside him is a gourd & in front of him is a carved box for burning incense. To the right is a bottle of Ganga Water, holy water from the headwaters of the Ganges river. Next is a little enamel fire box with a dragon on it - I keep matches in it. Then comes an exquisite porcelain statue of Quan Yin seated on an elephant. In front of Quan Yin is the Blessing Bowl - made of alabaster and painted with henna. Beside her is the candle & a wonderful root that someone gifted us with. One the far left is a statue of the triple goddess, Brigid & a small round mirror at her feet to symbolize her sacred well.

So, if you ever want to ask us to put a message for you in our Blessing Bowl, now you have an idea of the setting!

Blessed Be!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Queen of My Self: a workshop with Mama Donna Henes, the urban shaman

The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife

An empowering workshop with Donna Henes

Based on her award-winning book from Monarch Press

Throngs of female Baby Boomers are now entering midlife. We are unique in history for our freedom, education, longevity and wealth. We hold positions of unheard of responsibility and stature. We are no longer Maidens, nor Mothers, and not yet old Crones. So where do we fit in the spectrum of women's lives? We are poised on the brink of a new, exciting, and as yet uncharted, stage of life. We are pumped and primed for personal sovereignty. Make way for the Queen —the new inspirational archetype for Women of Power. Come and join your spirit with other incredible, mature, accomplished women. Meet and celebrate the Queen in yourself as we share a spirited and profound mythological, philosophical and ritual exchange.

In a ceremonial counsel of encouragement and support, we will summon, name, and claim the wealth of our experience, our resources, and our best intentions. We will drum up the passions to fuel our potent midlife transition and chant for the persistence to maintain it. Our gathering will culminate with a Royal Coronation Ceremony wherein we will crown ourselves our own power and authority.

Turn your midlife crisis into your Crowning Achievement! The Queen is the earthly ruler of all Her domains. Preeminent, She is capable, accomplished, assured, respected, and in charge. Passionate and compassionate, She is an active woman of the world. The scope of Her natural abilities is vast and Her influence enormous. The Queen accepts and initiates personal response-ability for circumstances and conditions in ever-expanding circles. The chief dispenser of order, measure, justice, and right relationship in all realms, Her rule is informed by Her keen cosmic perspective as well as the heart-felt promptings of Her own intuition. She reigns supreme by virtue of Her great virtue. Today, just as the accumulative damage to our Earth is reaching a perilous point of no return and our entire natural and cultural environment is in the throes of dangerous disconnection and dis-ease, we Women of a Certain Age are called upon to ascend the throne of conscious and conscientious leadership and exercise our special Queenly powers to redeem and transform ourselves, our society and our planet.

Long live the queens! May we rule in a peaceful world!* As for age. If you feel like you are on the cusp of becoming the Queen of Your Self, then you are! We Queens have visions to create, projects to develop, communities to organize, a country to run, and a planet ot protect.
This wonderful workshop (which Donna has offered at the Omega Institute!) will be held at Radiance, in downtown Lancaster, on Saturday, March 29, 2008 from 10 am - 4 pm. Cost is only $90. Reservations are required. Call 717-290-1517, or stop by to register.
On Sunday, March 30, we are scheduling Individual Tarot Readings with Mama Donna! Usually $150, she is offering us the special rate of only $100 while she is in central PA! Call to schedule your reading at Radiance, 290-1517.