Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brazilwood is in the dye pot!

Almost since we opened Radiance, we've had a small selection of beautiful hand-dyed and spun yarns from Rachel-Marie ( Really, they are works of art. Yesterday, she stopped in and we made a trade. I gave her a selection of dyeing herbs & she gave me some amazing yarn & a book with patterns & photos of all sorts of hand knit items made with handspun yarns - including some of hers!

Today I've been working a dye pot with Brazilwood. Colors ranging from coral to pink so far. Stop by the shop to see the new pieces! There are some little girls dresses, knit skirts, a silk camisole (of course - I don't think I've ever set up a dye pot without dyeing some camisoles). I also dyed a long flag-style banner. Padmani Kaur, our yoga teacher, is going to put some lettering on it & eventually we'll hang it outside from our upstairs window.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Herb Classes Scheduled!

Herb classes are finally in the works! It's been so hectic the past year or so, with birthing Radiance & tending to it in its infancy, that it's been difficult to schedule many herb classes. So, finally, Jen (my apprentice) and I (Sarah) have worked out a schedule for some classes over the next few months. We're very excited about them, and hope you will be, too. Let us know if there is a class you would like us to teach which isn't on the list yet. Cost for each class is $25.

Let's Make Infused Oils and Salves

  • Wednesday, July 23, 6:30 to 8pm
  • Friday, July 25, 2:30 to 4pm

Let's Make Fresh Fruit Cordials

  • Wednesday, July 30, 6:30 to 8pm

Let's Make Tinctures

  • Wednesday, August 13, 6:30 to 8pm

Let's Make Herbal Vinegars

  • Wednesday, September 10, 6:30 to 8pm
  • Friday, September 12, 2:30 to 4pm

Let's Make Herbal Teas

  • Wednesday, October 8, 6:30 to 8pm
  • Friday, October 10, 2:30 to 4pm

Let's Make Herbal Cordials

  • Wednesday, October 29, 6:30 to 8pm
  • must be 21 to take this class

Colds, Flu, and Herbs for Winter Health

  • Wednesday, November 19, 6:30 to 8pm
  • Friday, November 21, 2:30 to 4pm

Let's Make Dream Pillows

  • Wednesday, December 10, 6:30 to 8pm
  • Friday, December 12, 2:30 to 4pm

Let's Make Lover's Cordial

  • January, 2009