Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One World - One Heart


Radiance is participating in this third annual event, One World - One Heart, with bloggers from around the world. Leave a comment on this post before February 12th for your chance to win.

Our drawing will award a lucky winner with a set of five notecards, made from woodcuts by local artist, Eli Weaver. The images are from woodblocks of herbs, and include one each of Elder, Nettle, Dandelion, Garlic & Echinacea.

To learn more about these wonderful cards, you can follow this link.

Enter our give-away by leaving a comment on this post, and please be sure to include an email address so we can contact you if you are the winner. Drawing is to be held on February 11 and the winners will be announced on Feb. 12. Good Luck!

More Snow!

Goodness, it certainly is January. The distilling demonstration scheduled for mid-day today is going to be rescheduled. Tina Sams, who was planning to bring her lovely glass still in to Radiance today, lives on a windy, country road, so she's not going to get in her car today. Everyone stay safe; it's slippery out there.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day for Kundalini Yoga!

There's no Kundalini class at Radiance this morning. We have snow! It looks like a winter wonderland out there.

The shop will be open at 10, as usual.

We'll be making a decision about this evening's Elements class a little later today, but so far the forecast looks like we will be getting a break in the precipitation for the afternoon & evening. If it happens that way, I expect we will have class tonight.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Watch Us Make Essential Oil & Hydrosol!

Join us as we distill essential oil!

Next Wednesday, January 28th we’d love it if you would bring your lunch and stop in to watch the distillation of plant matter to hydrosol and essential oil.

Did you ever wonder how essential oils are made?
Have you ever seen a still running?
Come on in and watch for a bit
Noon til 1:30

There's no charge for this fun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Operation World Smudge

Yesterday we received an invitation to participate in Operation World Smudge. Anyone can join. Maybe you'll want to, too! Here's the informaiton:

Smudge where you are! Participate from home!

Smudging is a Native American tradition that involves the burning of herbs such as: sage, sweet-grass, tobacco and cedar for the purpose of purification. Join in the WORLD SMUDGE event and smudge your home, office or land on Inauguration Day. Help clear out the old administration and prepare a clear space for change.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reiki Share this afternoon

The monthly Reiki Share happens this afternoon, from 1:30 until 4. Anyone with a Reiki attunement is welcome to come. We sit together & talk about Reiki experiences for the first part of the Share, which can be very nice for newly attuned people, since they can learn from more experienced practitioners. Then we Share Reiki! Each of us receives a group session! It's a wonderful experience!