Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Building a Shaman's Mesa with Adhi Two Owls

Saturdays, March 13 & 20, 2010 from 2 to 6pm, at Radiance in Lancaster

The Mesa is the map of the Shaman’s Universe. It contains the energies that are used to support the work. What goes in a Mesa is very important and must adhere to specific energetic principles. In this two-part class, participants will learn the process of creating a “Mesa” or sacred bundle to use as part of their Shaman training.

This workshop is designed to be part of a long ongoing series. What participants learn here will develop and grow as they continue to study. All the tools that the Shaman creates move them closer to initiation.

Bring to the first class:
one square yard of wool fabric (it can have a print) in white, blue or green,
sewing needle & scissors,
notebook or journal
Your rattle if you made one in the last workshop.
White Sage, Tobacco, Copal and Balm of Gilead. (All herbs are available at Radiance.)

Class will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster, PA, across the cobblestones from Central Market. Stop in or phone 717-290-1517 to register. Cost is $85.00 in advance.

Adhi has been studying shamanism and the rattle as a tool for transformation for almost 20 years. She draws from many different teachers and their wisdom. Adhi is an accomplished artist, energy worker, Radiesthesiologist (vibrational dowser), and researcher. Her primary area of study is sacred objects, ritual items, magical tools and the temple sciences that guide them. She has spent that last 2 decades understanding deeper patterns and energies that make them work. Adhi's formal training is from the Kansas City Art Institute. Other training is in Bio-geometry, Reiki, Shamanism, Buddhism, and advanced energy sciences. Adhi travels and teaches all over the world.

More Snow!

Well, it snowed all night, and is expected to snow all day today. We may have more than 3 feet on the ground before it stops tonight! The shop will not open today, and there will be no Kundalini Yoga class tonight. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Temple Bells

We received a shipment of hand-hammered temple bells today! They have beautiful tones - every size from tiny to huge resonates clearly. Come in to Radiance to see them, ring them and maybe take one home! They can be hung indoors or out.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

This is the view from my front porch early this morning. Beautiful, eh? So, we're all staying home today, alternating playing in the snow & getting warm again. We hope you'll do the same! No classes today at Radiance, and the shop will not open. See you Tuesday!

Friday, February 5, 2010

No Kundalini Yoga Class Tomorrow

Well, the snow is really coming down tonight! Padmani has cancelled the noon Kundalini Yoga class for tomorrow - Saturday. We'll see you next week! Stay safe & stay warm!

Snow Tomorrow Makes Adjustments to our Schedule!

Well, it sounds as though we are definitely going to find ourselves in the midst of a major winter storm tomorrow, Saturday, so we are changing plans.

The Herbal Cordials class will be held on Saturday, March 6 instead. And, if you hadn't signed up yet, you still have time!

Keep your eyes on this space for other changes - we're not sure about the yoga classes yet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rhythm for Soul - African Drumming with Tammi Hessen

Come explore the ancient rhythms within yourself! Rhythm for Your Soul will lead you through story of the djembe drum, the basics of how to play the djembe and dunun drums (a type of drum from West Africa), and how to put the techniques together to learn ancient traditional rhythms and songs. Just like other instruments, these drums have notes that are combined to play music. We will work on the sounds of the notes and will play music that you can play alone or with other drummers. Whether you are a beginner drummer or an experienced one, join us to discover or improve your own sound on the drum, and to create music in community with others.

Classes are for all ages of drummers and all skill levels.

When: Usually one Saturday afternoon each month
Time: 2pm – 3:30pm
Cost: $15 per class, plus $2 for drum rental if you need one
Where: Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster (across from Central Market)
How to Register: Contact Radiance 717-290-1517
Dates: February 13, March 27, April 10, May 15, June 19, 2010

If you don't have a djembe, dunun (barrel-shaped stick drum), or ashiko drum, you can rent a djembe for $2 (technique instruction is focused on these drums, but you may also bring frame drums to play during the rhythms). Please request rental drums ahead of time for each class.

Classes led by Tammi Hessen, a Lancaster-based drummer who has been studying in the West African hand drum tradition of djembe. She has traveled many times to Africa to study drumming there, studies under djembe master Mamady Keita, and Master Drum Maker/Cultural Educator Baile McKnight. She has also studied with Menes Yahuda, Salim Ajanku of Sankofa Dance Theater, Mahiri Keita, Ubaka Hill, and other drumming instructors. Tammi has been working with Ubaka Hill as her teaching assistant at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and recently recorded on Ubaka’s 3rd CD, “Beyond the Wind” and played at the CD Release concerts. Tammi began teaching Bumbada! Women Drumming classes in Baltimore Maryland in 2003, and the program continues to grow. She also has a performance group that plays for various events locally. You can contact Tammi directly for more information about the ongoing drumming classes in Baltimore, Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg areas, or for private lessons.

Tammi currently teaches classes in Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg, and Baltimore, and drums for local West African Dance Classes. For more information,