Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shop Hours for New Year's Weekend

Just a quick note about the shop hours this coming weekend.

Radiance will be open Thursday, New Year's Eve, until 3pm.
We will be closed on Friday, New Year's Day.
We will be open on Saturday, January 2, from 9:30 until 3 or 4, depending.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hatha Anusara Yoga Classes

Anusara yoga is based on the belief that each person is truly an individual. The language of this style of yoga allows each student to find and develop her or his own optimum body alignment. It is especially well-suited to helping individuals learn how to walk through daily life without carrying forever the dysfunctions that cause imbalances via knees, hips, backs, shoulders, chins and more. For this reason, each Anusara-inspired class addresses a theme and develops a core pose. This playful style uses humor, props and class interactions to allow students to experience postures in new ways.

Friday mornings 9 to 10:30, January 8 through March 26, 2010

Make-up Classes - Saturday mornings 9:30 to 11:00 a.m., are held once a month (or so) and will be announced.

$135.00 for a 12-class card.
$120.00 for a 10-class card.
$ 75.00 for a 6-class card
$15 per class drop-in fee.

Classes will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster (across from Central Market). Call Radiance, 290-1517, or stop by to register.
Wear clothing without seams or belts and be prepared to be barefoot.

Roberta Strickler has been teaching Hatha Yoga in central Pennsylvania since 1995. She has been a student of Anusara since 1999. Her teaching style is challenging, thought provoking and full of fun. She holds a teaching certificate from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and is currently accepted into the certification program of Anusara Yoga.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dowsing Ancient Egyptian Sites

A slide presentation and talk with Adhi Two Owls
Sunday afternoon, January 24, 2010, 2-4pm
Radiance, 9 W Grant St., Lancaster

Join us for this fascinating afternoon. This past October, Adhi spent three weeks teaching and traveling in Egypt at the invitation of Dr. Dalia Basiouny. Adhi was teaching some of the ancient dowsing techniques which originated in Egypt more than 1000 years ago. The Ancient Egyptians were experimenting with shape-caused waves, the waves that are emitted from a shape as it sits in space. The Pyramid designs are progression of this and Adhi will be discussing these insights during the slide lecture.
This same form of Dowsing was renamed "Radiesthesia" in France when it was re-discovered in the 1930's. The French Radiesthesists developed pendulums and other devices for killing bacterium, viruses and conducted other interesting experiments.
In addition to teaching this dowsing technique, Adhi visited many ancient sites and dowsed them herself. She will be sharing some of her observations and insights with us during the slide presentation, and will answer our questions afterward.

When: Sunday, January 24, 2010, 2-4pm
Where: Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster
Cost: by donation.

Adhi is contributing all of the monies raised at this event to support Dr Basiouny’s work in Egypt. She is a native Egyptian and teaches theater at one of the smaller universities, writes a critical revue of theater for the Daily News Egypt; she works to enrich the lives of young minds and women in Egypt. Because the dollar is strong against the Egyptian pound a little bit of fundraising can go a very long way. The idea is to purchase 6 computers, set up DSL internet and create a place where girls can go to read, learn, discover and see that they have amazing choices out side of their economic circumstances. Recommended contribution is $10.

Bumbling Yogi Bees in the New Year!

Bumbling Yogi Bees
Four-week sessions of Yoga classes for kids ages 2 to 4
Saturday mornings from 11:15 to 11:45am
January 9,16,23,and 30, 2010
$30 for one session, or $8 per class

Did you know that Toddlers who practice yoga regularly:
· Improve body awareness
· Have an outlet for social interaction and self expression
· Cope with stress more effectively and sleep better
· Have a playful way to relax
· Set a lifelong foundation for well-being and self-esteem

Kara Kriner is a Certified Massage Therapist and a teacher trained in both Radiant Child Yoga and YogaEd. Kara will lead us through this fun class with story, song and games.

Classes are held at Radiance, 9 West Grant St., Lancaster, across the cobblestones from Central Market.
Call 290-1517 for more information, or to register.
Toddler must bring an adult to class.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day for Kundalini Class!

There will be no Kundalini yoga class at noon today. The snow piles higher, and Padmani is snowed in at her cozy house.

At this moment, we are open & gathering toddlers for the Bumbling Yogi Bees class, but we don't expect to be here all day. If you need to come in today, you might want to hurry. We'll be heading for home ourselves a little after lunch.

Happy snow!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introduction to Permaculture

A two-evening course with Benjamin Weiss
Thursday January 14th & Thursday January 21st, 2010

Cost: Sliding scale of $35-$50

This 4 hour course will introduce the student to the history of the permaculture movement, offer valuable resources and connections to the community of practitioners, and present the basic framework of ethics and design principles that are the foundation of this system. Each student will have the opportunity to envision a “permaculture remodeling” of a familiar site. Students will also receive a packet of applicable information to help start them off on small permaculture designs and installations.

This is course is often cited as a prerequisite to the 72 hour Permaculture Design Certification Course.

Benjamin Weiss is an organic farmer, environmental activist, and a certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher. He has studied at The Farm Ecovillage Training Center in Tennessee, Growing Power in Wisconsin, and The Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Colorado.

Permaculture is a sustainable design system. It is based upon a structure of ethics and design principles that have been developed organically through 35 years of experimentation, consultation, and good-natured exchange by practitioners from around the world. As a unique and highly integrated collection of disciplines, permaculture allows the designer to implement a system that supports itself, that yields resources for the surrounding community, that offers healthy alternatives to industrialization, that sustains biodiversity and nourishes the natural environment.
Permaculture can be applied to a garden, a building, a home, an organization, a farm, a city, or an entire civilization. Although the system was originally created for the purpose of designing sustainable agricultural sites, hence the name “permanent agriculture,” the insight of millions of permaculturists has skillfully transformed this system into one capable of building sustainable societies, or “permanent culture.”

Class will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster, PA 17603
Call 717-290-1517, or stop by to register.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

African Drumming with Tammi Hessen in 2010

Come explore the ancient rhythms within yourself! Rhythm for Your Soul will lead you through story of the djembe drum, the basics of how to play the djembe and dunun drums (a type of drum from West Africa), and how to put the techniques together to learn ancient traditional rhythms and songs. Just like other instruments, these drums have notes that are combined to play music. We will work on the sounds of the notes and will play music that you can play alone or with other drummers. Whether you are a beginner drummer or an experienced one, join us to discover or improve your own sound on the drum, and to create music in community with others.

Classes are for all ages of drummers and all skill levels.

When: Usually one Saturday afternoon each month
Time: 2pm – 3:30pm
Cost: $15 per class, plus $2 for drum rental if you need one
Where: Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster (across from Central Market)
How to Register: Contact Radiance 717-290-1517
Dates: February 13, March 13, April 10, May 15, June 19, 2010

If you don't have a djembe, dunun (barrel-shaped stick drum), or ashiko drum, you can rent a djembe for $2 (technique instruction is focused on these drums, but you may also bring frame drums to play during the rhythms). Please request rental drums ahead of time for each class.

Classes led by Tammi Hessen, a Lancaster-based drummer who has been studying in the West African hand drum tradition of djembe. She has traveled many times to Africa to study drumming there, studies under djembe master Mamady Keita, and Master Drum Maker/Cultural Educator Baile McKnight. She has also studied with Menes Yahuda, Salim Ajanku of Sankofa Dance Theater, Mahiri Keita, Ubaka Hill, and other drumming instructors. Tammi has been working with Ubaka Hill as her teaching assistant at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and recently recorded on Ubaka’s 3rd CD, “Beyond the Wind” and played at the CD Release concerts. Tammi began teaching Bumbada! Women Drumming classes in Baltimore Maryland in 2003, and the program continues to grow. She also has a performance group that plays for various events locally. You can contact Tammi directly for more information about the ongoing drumming classes in Baltimore, Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg areas, or for private lessons.

Tammi currently teaches classes in Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg, and Baltimore, and drums for local West African Dance Classes. For more information,

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rattle-Making with Adhi Moonien Two Owls

Saturdays, January 16 & 23, 2010 from 2 to 6pm, at Radiance

In this two part workshop participants will learn how to make a rawhide rattle from beginning to end. This workshop is for those who want to develop deeper shamanic skills and knowledge.

The first day of the workshop will cover instruction on the parts of the rattle, the materials used to create the bulb, sewing and creating of your rawhide form. We will take several shamanic journeys to find guidance about our personal rattles. This first portion of the rattle needs to dry so. During that time you will find your handle and materials to put in it.

When we meet again for the second day of the workshop, we will work on the actual assemblage of these parts into a working rattle. During this section of the workshop we will dedicate the rattle for its purpose, fill it, and attach the handle.

Also covered in the workshop will be ways to work with your rattle and techniques for the care of your rattle.

All the materials will be provided except the handle and whatever you will put inside your rattle. You may want to bring a journal to class.

Class will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster, PA, across the cobblestones from Central Market. Stop in or phone 717-290-1517 to register. Cost is $85.00 in advance.

In March, Adhi will offer another 2-part class in building your mesa, or shaman's bundle. As the year progresses, she will be offering other more advanced workings in shamanism, and you will need to have taken one or both of these classes in order to be prepared for those classes.

Adhi has been studying the rattle as a tool for transformation for almost 20 years. She draws from many different teachers and their wisdom. Adhi is an accomplished artist, energy worker, Radiesthesiologist (vibrational dowser), and researcher. Her primary area of study is sacred objects, ritual items, magical tools and the temple sciences that guide them. She has spent that last 2 decades understanding deeper patterns and energies that make them work. Adhi's formal training is from the Kansas City Art Institute. Other training is in Bio-geometry, Reiki, Shamanism, Buddhism, and advanced energy sciences. Adhi travels and teaches all over the world.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chakra Jewelry from Shanti Boutique

The newest line of Fair-trade jewelry that we have at Radiance is from Shanti Boutique. This gorgeous chakra bracelet is only the beginning! Stop in and see a range of charms, bracelets and necklaces.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shop Hours for December

Most of downtown Lancaster will have expanded hours for the month of December. Here at Radiance we are adding hours on Sunday & Monday afternoons, as well as Friday evenings, for your shopping pleasure!

Monday - noon-6
Tuesday – 10-5 open for class 8:30am
Wednesday - 10-5 open for class 6:30pm
Thursday - 10-5
Friday – 9:30-8 open for class 8:30am
Saturday – 9:30-5
Sunday - noon-4

Open 12/21 -23 from 10 to 7 Christmas Eve from 10 to 3