Thursday, December 13, 2012

When the Women Are Drummers

When the Women Are Drummers

Come to me here from Crete,
To this holy temple, where
Your lovely apple grove stands,
And your altars that flicker
With incense.

When the Women Are Drummers is a frame drum class for women interested in reclaiming their role as central rhythm-makers, movers and shakers of our time!

Women of all skill levels are welcome to join Yasmin for this frame drum experience.  Bring your frame drum if you have one.

6-7:30pm on the nights of Full Moon. The next gathering is on Friday, 12/28

Cost is $15 per class, plus $2 if you need to rent a drum.  Call Radiance 717-290-1517, or stop in to register.  Radiance is located at 9 W Grant St., across the cobblestones from Central Market in downtown Lancaster, PA.

Yasmin is a student of world religions as a vehicle for the cultivation of compassion between neighbors, culture and nature. She is a representative for the Sufi Ruhianiat and a leader for the Dances of Universal Peace.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Herbal Meads & Fermentations

Meads and Beers:
Herbal Fermentations
A workshop at Herbs from the Labyrinth
with local home-brewer,
Benjamin Weiss.
Saturday, January 19th, 1-5PM

Only within the last few centuries did hops become the main herbal ingredient in beer. From very ancient times until nearly the present, cultures around the world have been making fermented beverages with an incredible variety of herbs, fruits, sugar sources and other ingredients. Fermented beverages can serve as much more than just an enjoyment. These drinks can preserve the nutritional and medicinal properties of their ingredients for up to several years, and can play a key role in ritual and spiritual practice.

Benjamin Weiss, a local organic farmer, permaculture teacher, and poet has been experimenting with herbal fermentations for the past 7 years. Inspired by Stephen Buhner’s book Sacred & Herbal Healing Beers, Ben has learned to craft medicinal fermentations of many kinds using mostly local, organic, and wild ingredients.

This class will be useful for those who have little or no experience with brewing, and as a source of new knowledge for experienced brewers. Students will participate in the creation of an herbal beer as well as a mead (honey wine), and will see fermentations in all of the different stages of the brewing process. Basic techniques and equipment will be explained, as well as medicinal, nutritive, and ritual functions of brews, choosing, harvesting and obtaining ingredients, and pairing appropriate flavors. And an array of Ben’s finished beverages will be available for sampling!

This class will be held in the Herbs from the Labyrinth kitchen, at 1053 Wheatland Avenue in Lancaster.  Buhner’s book and herbal mead-making kits will be available for purchase during the class.

To register, call Radiance, 717-290-1517, or stop in to 9 W Grant St, Lancaster.

Cost of the class:  $40

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Expanded Hours for December!

Wow!  It's already December.  What happened to November?

Anyway, the shop will be open for an expanded schedule from now through the holidays, as we hope to make your lives a little bit easier...  Here's the new schedule:

Monday: 12-4
Tuesday: 9:30 -5
Wednesday: 10-7
Thursday: 10-5
Friday: 9:30-5
Saturday: 9:30-4
Sunday: 12-4