Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Healing and Wholeness Through Shadow Work

Healing and Wholeness Through Shadow Work, a workshop
With Sylvan Redbird and Joan Brooks
Sunday, June 2 from 1:00-4:30pm at Radiance in Lancaster

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class in Reclaiming Tradition (or equivalent). This workshop draws heavily on the co-created, participatory ritual work of Reclaiming practices.

“For those who can read the body, it holds the record of our rejected side, revealing what we dare not speak, expressing our current and past fears.” ~ John P. Conger, “The Body as Shadow,” Meeting the Shadow

What calls out from within that will no longer be silenced? What stories from the past haunt the happiness possible in the present? How do the cultural shadows of power-over patriarchy define our relationships to our own bodies and sexual expression? What demons sabotage our life dreams and relationships? How do the monsters we hear in our fears and shame and longings challenge us to embrace what we’ve tried to cut from deep within us? And what if we listened to these shadows, danced, and played, and embraced them as deeply held parts of us, might that healing be so potent with the energies we rediscover that great change might truly be possible?

“When shadow work is denied, the soul feels banished, exiled from its inhabitants in the wilds of nature, in the soft nights of lovemaking, or in the sacred objects of art. Then, people suffer anxiety and loneliness, cut off from a sense of place, the mystery of the Beloved, or the beauty of things. But when shadow-work is attended to, the soul feels round, full, sated. When shadow-work is invited into a life, the soul feels welcomed, alive in the gardens, aroused in passion, awake in sacred things.” ~ Connie Zweig and Steve Wolf, Romancing the Shadow

The times we live in, and the work we must bring out into the world as priestesses, healers, activists, lovers, and visionaries will be better served by through our increased sense of wholeness and integration. Shadow work is an important practice for our health and well-being, especially as we step into our personal power and leadership. For what waits in the shadow is often our magnificence as well as those other aspects of ourselves deemed undesirable.

We will listen and learn through ecstatic ritual, trance, voice and movement (don’t let this stop you from joining), and speaking our truths together. We will seek personal healing in a ritual group setting and courageously embrace our power to trust, stepping forward to be agents of change and transformation, for the healing of ourselves and the world.

This workshop will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St., Lancaster, PA, across the cobblestones from historic Central Market.  To register, call Radiance at 717-290-1517, or stop in.  Cost is on a sliding scale from $75 to $45, in advance.
Bring to class a yoga mat or blanket to sit comfortably on the floor (chairs are also available), your journal and a bottle of drinking water.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reiki I Class & Attunement, Saturday, June 29


Reiki is a simple, beautiful form of energy work that allows us to utilize the natural inclination of the Universe toward healing.  The gentle, hands-on technique can be learned in one day, and you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and others after this class.  Reiki is deeply relaxing, helps to alleviate stress, and restores vital energy allowing the body to move toward wellness.

Experience the healing energy of Reiki in this class being taught by consulting herbalist, energy worker and Reiki Master & Teacher, Sarah Preston.  You will:

  • Learn the modern history of Reiki
  • Hear a brief introduction to the three levels, or degrees, of Reiki
  • Receive the Attunement to the first degree of Reiki
  • Practice giving Reiki to yourself and others
  • Receive a Reiki I Certificate, after completion of this class

Location:   Radiance,  9 West Grant Street, Lancaster

Date:       Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time:       10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Dress in comfortable layers.  Bring a water bottle & your lunch, or plan to get something at market.

Cost:    $125.00 includes a copy of the book Essential Reiki by Diane Stein.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place.

RSVP:         Required by Saturday, June 22
                Call 290-1517.
         Class size is limited so early registration is recommended.

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Becoming Like Angels

Becoming Like Angels

A workshop with Gurunater Kaur Khalsa
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 1-5pm at Radiance

 In Kundalini Yoga, Angels are seen as elevated beings whose awareness is beyond this earthly realm.  Angels have the gifts of compassion and grace, unshakeable inner strength and wisdom, along with the capacity to share great joy and abundant love with all.

 Join Gurunater Kaur for this Angelic experiential workshop, as she teaches us that humanity is in the process of awakening to a higher consciousness.  This divine energy ignites inner peace and oneness within us all.  Using Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and Naad (the science of sound),  we will experience, awaken and connect to our divine energy.  Realign the sedentary patterns of your body to allow you to attract and act on positive opportunities in your life.  Strengthen the life force, and pranic energy within to become more like Angels.

Sunday, June 9, 2013, 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Radiance, 9 W Grant St in downtown Lancaster,
just across the cobblestones from Central Market.
$55 if paid in advance, $65 the day of the workshop.  
Phone Radiance at 717-290-1517 or stop in to register.
Gurunater Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga internationally for 36 years, having studied directly under Yogi Bhajan beginning in 1976.  She is a member of the mid-Atlantic Yoga Assoc, Int’l Kundalini Yoga Teachers Assoc., under which she is a Level One Professional Teacher Trainer.  Gurunater Kaur is a healer and intuitive doing Angelic Healings, a Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist, and a Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner.  She is a certified Hypnotherapist and a past-life regression therapist.  She creates healing gemstone malas (prayer beads) which are owned by Yogi Bhajan, the Dalai Lama, President and Hillary Clinton and other international dignitaries.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Angelic Healing Appointments with Gurunater


Gurunater Kaur has deeply healing hands, decades of therapeutic experience, and an acute intuition. She has a profound link to the angelic realms and often receives messages of clarity, guidance and love from individuals' guardian angels and personal spirit guides that can initiate healing of the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit.

She specializes in looking into each chakra of the body, one at a time, accessing information to clear and release such things as self-defeating irrational beliefs, incomplete past experiences and/or energetic blocks.

Gurunater Kaur Khalsa comes to Radiance at least once each year for a long weekend. She teaches a workshop, leads a Friday night kirtan (playing her harmonium!) and offers appointments for her Angelic Healings. She will be with us from Thursday, June 6 through Monday, June 10.  
One hour healing appointments are available throughout Gurunater's time here at a cost of $80. It is also possible to schedule a longer appointment for past-life regression work with Gurunater.. Past-life regression appointments are 2-1/2 to 3 hours in length and cost $300.

Call Radiance at 717-290-1517, to schedule an appointment.