Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Spirit Guide Pendants

We've just received some new spirit guide pendants from Deva Design!  Actually, we have some new goddess earrings, too.  And some pocket charms - goddesses, hearts with messages (perfect for your valentine!), and animal spirit guides.  All made in the US of lead-free pewter...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow! Time to Play Outside in the Fluffy Stuff!

Kara has decided to cancel Kid & Toddler Yoga classes this morning.  She needs to make snow angels & hopes you will do the same!  Have fun, and we'll see you next Saturday morning for yoga...

Radiance WILL be open today...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rhythms of the Earth - African Drumming Classes

Rhythms of the Earth
a drumming journey around the Wheel of the Year with Tammi Hessen

Come explore the ancient rhythms within yourself!  Rhythms of the Earth will combine the story of the djembe drum, the basics of how to play the djembe and dunun drums (a type of drum from West Africa), and how to put the techniques together to learn ancient traditional rhythms and songs. All this within the theme of the Wheel of the Year!  Each month we will explore rhythms and lore that express the changes in the natural world around us. 

Just like other instruments, these drums have notes that are combined to play music. We will work on the sounds of the notes and will play music that you can play alone or with other drummers. Whether you are a beginner drummer or an experienced one, join us to discover or improve your own sound on the drum, and to create music in community with others.

Classes are for all ages of drummers and all skill levels.
When:  Usually the second Saturday afternoon of each month
Time: 2pm – 3:30pm
Cost: $15 per class, $75 in advance for a six-class card. $2 per class for drum rental
Where:  Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster (across from Central Market)
How to Register: Contact Radiance 717-290-1517, or stop in.
Dates:  February 11, 2012
  March 24
  April 14
            May 26
            June 9
            July 14

If you don't have a djembe, dunun (barrel-shaped stick drum), or ashiko drum, you can rent a djembe for $2 (technique instruction is focused on these drums, but you may also bring frame drums to play during the rhythms). Please request rental drums ahead of time for each class.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Flame in Every Hand: Writing as a Contemplative Act

with Poet / Songwriter / Storyteller John Terlazzo

From where does Inspiration arise? A conscious moving inward, consciously breathing in spires, in spiritus - beyond all dogma & concepts. There is a way to approach creative writing as a meditation, as a vehicle by which we begin to get flashes of what it means to be walking in this skin, in this world, in the spires of this moment. Inspiration will not show her face coyly, nonchalantly. We must actively seek her out.

"John Terlazzo is a Natural Teacher, using his interior work to bring the spirit, fine knowledge & encouragement to all who attend his retreats".
                          - Gioia Timpanelli, World-renown Storyteller, Novelist & Long-time Colleague of Robert Bly & the late Joseph Campbell

We’ll do contemplative writing experiments together, working with symbols, images & archetypes deep within ourselves & deep within folktales & stories from all over the world. And we'll sing, rant, meditate, chant, work with sound & silence, talk, laugh & step easily off the edge into what we do not know. There will be ample opportunity for folks to read their work aloud (or simply listen as they like), whisper, wonder & wail.  The program is OPEN TO BOTH EXPERIENCED & FIRST-TIME WRITERS ALIKE & is uniquely designed to accommodate both in an atmosphere that is simultaneously safe & welcoming on one hand, & energetically stimulating & challenging on the other.

This class will meet once each week from April 30 through June 18, mostly on Monday evenings, from 6-8pm.  Dates are 4/30, 5/9, 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/5, 6/14, 6/18
All classes will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St., Lancaster, PA.  To register, stop in or phone 717-290-1517.
Cost is on a sliding scale from $135 to $85.  Our hope is that those who can pay at the higher end of the scale will do so, thereby enabling others to be able to take the class.

  About the facilitator: John Terlazzo is a poet, painter, singer/songwriter & storyteller who performs & records with his band, Voices in the Hall. John has led The Flame In Every Hand (originally titled, The Secret Tells Its Self) for over 20  years with people of all ages & in all walks of life - the general public, with psycho-therapists & others in the helping professions, with school kids & home-schooled kids of varying ages, with adjudicated youth & with those suffering from mental illnesses, in hospitals & wellness centers &  (for 5 years) at the Women's Resource Center at The Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lunar Calendar Cards Are Here!

My favorite lunar calendars are here!  I've been carrying one of these with me for many years, tucked into my journal.  Long ago, I started using it to track my menstrual cycle, and have found so many more uses for it.  Lots of local gardeners and farmers use them, to plan for planting, harvesting and weeding according to the moon.  It's a quick reference for whenever you need to know what the moon is doing in her journey through the sky.  And, at only $2.50, it's a bargain!  Stop into the shop, or order it on our web site...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sacred Tools Workshops

Sacred Tools Workshops with shaman, Adhi Two Owls

All classes held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster, PA
Call or stop in to register, 717-290-1517.

Making a Sacred Bowl
Saturday, March 10, 2012, 2-6pm
In some traditions, the bowl represents the moon when she is halfway through her cycle.  In the sky the moon looks like bowl is pouring out the nectar of the cosmos down in the earth....  The symbol of the bowl and its use as a sacred tool is two-fold.  It is the functional bowl that nourishes our bodies and it is the vessel to transform the emotions. The bowl takes its place on the wheel of life in the west and is aligned with the element of water.  In this class participants will create a sacred wooden bowl and learn ways to use it as part of their spiritual practice.  Adhi will lead a journey to so that each participant can connect with a guide to help with this process.
Cost: $65.00 includes materials.
What to bring: Notebook, something to lay on for the journey, a small bottle of water from a special
place, Willow leaves or bark, Jasmine flowers and Osha root for offerings.

Creating a Sacred Knife
Sunday, March 11, 2012, noon-4pm
In many traditions the sacred knife is associated with symbols of creativity, discernment, ideas, clarity and used as the tool for cutting away the illusions that keep us from attaining these qualities.  In this workshop participants will create a scared knife out of either stone or steel and learn some of the uses for this sacred tool.
Cost: $65.00 includes materials.  If you prefer a steel blade, there is an additional $15 charge & we need to know a week or more in advance.
What to bring:
Notebook, Something to lay on for two short journeys, Balm of Gilead for offering.

Wand-Making Workshop
Saturday, March 17, 2012, 2-6pm
In the western spiritual tradition the wand is the physical and symbolic representation of the human will. It is the tool of manifestation. The element most associated with it is "fire" and its center in the body is the solar plexus.  In this workshop participants will learn how to make a wand out of wood and various other materials. You will also learn about different woods, metals and symbols that you can incorporate into your wand to make it an effective tool for manifesting, healing, and transforming all manner of things. With all magical and spiritual tools, you will also learn traditional and contemporary ways to use and work with your wand. 
Cost: $65.00 includes materials.
What to bring:
Notebook, something to lay on for two short journeys, 1/2 yard of silk(any color) to wrap your finished wand in, and copal for offering.

You may sign up for all three classes at the reduced rate of $180.00.  All herbs needed for offerings are available in the shop at Radiance.