Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Collage of the Heart with Amina

  Let’s Make Heart Cards with Amina
Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 1-5pm

In this class, we will each make Heart Collage Cards under the guidance of Amina, a delightful, creative spirit.

Using the simple process of tearing/cutting images from magazines and pasting them on a board we develop a powerful tool of creative self-discovery, of artful self expression.  The collages that you build form a vocabulary that speaks directly to your own heart.  As you step deeper into the images, they relate to your inner and outer worlds.  This is an inspiring, unblocking, healing, and personal creative journey! 

We will begin with a brief intro on the flow of the day, moving on to some chanting to open our hearts.  Then we will have a period of selecting images and making our collages.  There will be background music to help us maintain a personal meditative silence as we work.  We will finish the afternoon with a period of sharing some of our process with each other.

Bring magazines and or images that you may have already collected.  Bring scissors if you have some. We will supply the cards and the glue. 

Amina says:  “We are all Artists expressing our gifts in diverse ways!”

Class will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, in the heart of downtown Lancaster.  Call 717-290-1517, or stop in to register.  Cost for this class is on a sliding scale of $45 to $25.  We use a sliding scale to make classes available to a wider range of people.  Our hope is that if you are able to pay at the upper end, you will consider it.

I am an Artist, I am creating always and everywhere, it flows out into all areas of my life! I do not remember a time when I did not look at everything as a piece of art.  My medium is anything, whatever I see available, as a part of the whole. (Also my love of The Planet Earth  and using stuff that could have ended up in the land fill.)  My art comes from deep feelings and/or visions, put into the material world. I live Art, breath ArtArt is in my heart! Art is everywhere, always present, art is in my mind, in every cell of my body.

My home is an ever-changing masterpiece.  Getting dressed is a work of art in itself... accessories and detail. The presentation of a meal with all the color and textures of beautiful food . The list goes on and on...  In Art and Nature nothing is impossible. I leave in my path my art, my heart, my love, my passion, my life.  What else can I do?!