Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brazilwood is in the dye pot!

Almost since we opened Radiance, we've had a small selection of beautiful hand-dyed and spun yarns from Rachel-Marie ( Really, they are works of art. Yesterday, she stopped in and we made a trade. I gave her a selection of dyeing herbs & she gave me some amazing yarn & a book with patterns & photos of all sorts of hand knit items made with handspun yarns - including some of hers!

Today I've been working a dye pot with Brazilwood. Colors ranging from coral to pink so far. Stop by the shop to see the new pieces! There are some little girls dresses, knit skirts, a silk camisole (of course - I don't think I've ever set up a dye pot without dyeing some camisoles). I also dyed a long flag-style banner. Padmani Kaur, our yoga teacher, is going to put some lettering on it & eventually we'll hang it outside from our upstairs window.


Knitty Dirty Girl said...

ooo I found your blog! How lovely! I've been having fun with some of the natural dyes, I'll stop in with a skein soon!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see what you've come up with! Great article in the paper today, by the way...