Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Perfect Rice Cooker

We have a new favorite kitchen tool!  I (Sarah) ordered one to test before we decided whether to offer them in the shop, and really love it.  So, now they are available in the shop or through the web site.

It's a Japanese-style ceramic rice steamer.  The rice and water go in the ceramic pot, and then the pot is placed in a larger pot - I use a small canning pot.  The rice is cooked by the steam that builds up inside the outer pot.  It can't burn, or stick to the pot.  And it's always perfectly cooked.  Leftover rice is reheated in the same way.  I just put the ceramic pot in the refrigerator with the leftover rice in it.  The rice stays moist!

I've been reheating brown rice in the mornings & adding dried fruit & nuts for a warm grain breakfast.  Perfect.

$34 well-spent!

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