Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dowsing 101 with Adhi Moonien Two Owls, May 14, 2-6pm

Dowsing has been employed effectively for thousands of years and is found all over the world. Dowsing is performed using a variety of tools, including the pendulum, "L" rods, "Y" rod, bobber, and other techniques, either to acquire answers to questions or to understand different energies.

In this one-day class, participants will learn many ways to use dowsing to connect to their higher self in order to find all manner of things. Dowsing is the ancient art of "Divining", or asking for help from the unseen, to find water, minerals, lost items etc. This is a hands-on class so come prepared to explore, practice and learn. Bring two wire coat hangers, and a pendulum if you have one. Brass pendulums are available for sale in the shop at Radiance.

Class will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster, PA, across the cobblestones from Central Market. Stop in or phone 717-290-1517 to register. Cost is $45.00 in advance.

Adhi Moonien Two Owls is a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD). She teaches basic and advanced dowsing techniques/courses all over the world. Adhi is an accomplished artist, energy worker, Radiesthesiologist (vibrational dowser), and researcher. Her primary area of study is sacred objects, ritual items, magical tools and the temple sciences that guide them. She has spent the last 2 decades researching and understanding deeper patterns and vibrational energies behind the patterns.

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