Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Open the Door to Spring Possibilities with Blue Calcite!

From our resident Crystal Priestess, Nicki:

We feel the pull to spring into action as the sun shines and the temperature rises. Blue Calcite can help us clear away the last remnants of winter within our bodies and our minds. As we sweep out the dust and the cobwebs, we make room for new ideas, activities, and relationships. We open ourselves to the positive message of the universe, reveling in all of our possibilities.

This gentle stone relaxes its carrier, releasing stress and encouraging a more optimistic and empowered outlook. It is able to clear blockages of the third eye while screening incoming psychic messages, protecting us from those that may be negative or unpleasant. When the Third Eye is clear, we are better able to sense and understand the energies around us. Blue Calcite can be an excellent tool for deep meditation, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. Its intuitive enhancement can suddenly bring the solution of a problem to light, or it may trigger sparks of artistic inspiration and expression.

We can feel the affects Blue Calcite has on our fifth and sixth chakras physically, as it is known to aid in the clearing of lung congestion and to enhance the expansion of the lungs, allowing more oxygen to be taken and utilized productively. Because of this breath-giving ability, Blue Calcite is also useful in the relief of headaches, and it’s vision-clearing qualities apply both psychically and literally, as it can also be helpful in healing non-inflammatory eye conditions, such as cataracts.

Come in to Radiance & select yours...

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