Saturday, July 14, 2012

Furoshiki Fabric Lunch Wraps Are Here!

We just received some of these gorgeous lunch wraps today, and are already planning to order more.  They are even more wonderful than we expected them to be! 

The ancient Japanese tradition of knotting, folding and twisting, dating back to the 17th century, is the technique used for these traditionally-styled lunch carriers. When untwisted, they make a lovely placemat for your meal.

Double-sided and machine washable, these cotton furoshiki (pronounced f-ROHSH-kee) wraps are sewn from colorful fair trade textiles hand printed by artisans using wooden blocks and wax batik techniques perfected over generations. Whether you are packing food at home, picking up take-out or just need a versatile bag, these wraps make it easy to say goodbye to plastic bags, vinyl totes and other eco un-friendly food containers.
We also have some stainless steel food containers at Radiance, that pair nicely with these cloth wraps.

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