Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tarot Tuesdays! Starting in December!

Tarot Tuesdays
at Radiance
by Beth
of BrightWing Tarot

In the fairy tales, a child wanders in a forest, sometimes full of wonder, following a bright trail of flowers or butterflies; sometimes lost and frightened in the tangles and the darkness.   Using the imagery of the tarot for signposts, along her own intuition, Beth will help you to look at the pathways of your own journey through the forest of your life, whether you feel like you're on a bright trail or caught in a bog. She will help you harness your own intuition, to gain a wider perspective, to seek your guides, to look for crumbs and shiny stones that might show you which direction leads you to your true center.

In a consultation, you be reminded of synchronicities in your life, those magical coincidences that the Universe seems to create just to wake you up. You will look for messages from animal totems, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and Goddess or God. You will keep open to dreams and omens and messages and what your own body tells you about who you are.

The goal of a consultation is not to know what the future holds, but to place yourself at the center of your story, following your destiny rather than being a victim of fate. To make empowered decisions. To align yourself with your true purpose. To tap into your knowledge of your Deep Self. To wake up into your story and to engage with it.

Come in for a check-in, or bring a question or personal muddle. Or schedule an apprenticeship hour and Beth will give you a lesson in reading the tarot.  A reading will not tell you what to do or who to be. It can only point the way, offer comfort and guidance, images to grasp like lanterns in the darkness.  Tarot work is spirit play. Tarot consultations are not an alternative to therapy or medical intervention in mental health issues. This is not meant to replace the work that you may do with a certified professional.

Beth has been studying and practicing tarot for the past seventeen years.  She enjoys using divination as a tool for personal transformation and spiritual development, and as a way to become attuned to the cycles of the natural world.  Along with Sarah, she also teaches occasional courses in the Reclaiming Tradition: The Elements of Magic and Rites of Passage.

The cost for a 45-50-minute consultation is priced on a sliding scale of $55 - $45.  A 15-20-minute consultation is $25 - $20.  Call 717-290-1517 to schedule an appointment.

Tuesday Tarot Consultations (and a few Saturdays) will be held at Radiance through the fall and winter.

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