Saturday, March 1, 2014

Making Bundles, Preparing for a Healing Ceremony with Shaman, Adhi Two Owls

Thursday, May 1, 2014, 6-9pm
Friday, May 2, 2014, 6-9pm

Shamanic ceremonies are doorways to transformation. They are the culmination of careful preparatory work, prayer and intention bringing together many elements in order for "magic" to happen.

In this two-part offering, Adhi will guide participants in creating and building a sacred ceremony, and then in offering a healing circle to our community.
On Thursday evening, we will make offering bundles, energetically clean and prepare the space, learn the songs and chants we will use during the ceremony, practice rhythms, and learn the structure of the ceremony. We will each take on responsibilities and roles for purifying those who come the ceremony, blending the incense, creating the healing mesa, cutting and arranging the flowers, etc... We will talk about how to guide the energy and use laying on of hands or Reiki during the ceremony. Each part will be explained so participants can see how the individual parts of the ceremony come together for the greatest amount of energetic healing results.
On Friday evening we will hold a healing circle, for ourselves and those who attend.  You may invite people to come to the ceremony for healing.

Cost: $40, in advance, $45 on the day of the class.

Bring to class:  Your journal and a yoga mat and/or blanket to sit on.
Class and Ceremony will be held at Radiance, 9 W Grant St, Lancaster, PA, across the cobblestones from Central Market.  Stop in or phone 717-290-1517 to register.

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