Friday, March 7, 2008

Herbs and Bones: Tinder for a Fire in the Making

Bios for Erin and Eli(sabeth)

Erin Weaver is an environmental educator, an eco- psychologist, and surfacing artist born and raised in Lancaster PA. Her academic career began prior to her college education at several different eco-village communities where she learned and eventually starting teaching principals and practices of environmental and social sustainability. She then attended and graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Environmental Education and Ecopsychology (this is the study of the relationship between the natural world and the human psyche). Since then she has returned home to her hometown to share and implement her knowledge of how we can restore health to the natural and social community of Lancaster. She has been working with the Threshold Foundation's "Dig It" project since 2005 and recently signed on as a naturalist at the Lancaster County Parks and Recreation Department. Outside of work, Erin can be found turning trash into practical gadgets and/or accessories, drawing, painting, making and/or listening to potent music, hiking, and perpetually trying to discover and live out the actions needed to restore the balance to our lives and our planet.

Elisabeth Haskell Weaver is a visual artist, musician, and arts activist born and raised in Lancaster, PA. A 2003 graduate of Hampshire College, Weaver received a fellowship from Community Partnerships for Social Change to continue her love of doing social justice work through the arts by teaching mural art to young people. She started her business ArtScape Designs in 2005 working with community groups and schools promoting youth leadership through the arts, murals and graphic design. When not busy with community projects, she enjoys printmaking, growing medicinal perennials, painting, singing, and riding her bike. Check out some of the work she has done on her soon to come website:

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