Monday, March 3, 2008

Look for Radiance's Bellydance Teacher in the Sunday News

Photo courtesy of Lancaster Newspapers

Tahjia (Jody Killian), the Bellydance teacher at Radiance, will be featured in an article in the Lancaster Sunday News this coming Sunday. We're so excited for her! Congratulations, Tahjia! That's Tahjia on her knees in the front of the photo & several of the students (all in their performance outfits) from the Intermediate class behind her in the classroom at Radiance.

As you might imagine, bellydance is great exercise, lots of fun, and a wonderful way for women to honor their bodies and connect to their feminine divine natures.

Classes are held at Radiance on Monday evenings. Beginners class starts at 6:30, Intermediate class starts at 7:30. $50 for a six-week session, $10 drop-in fee. You may start any week.

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Cindy said...

How fun Sarah. I have always loved dance and took my first set of belly dance lessons this fall. It was a blast.