Monday, February 20, 2012

Sacred Childbirth with Reiki Practitioner Training

Radiance is thrilled to be hosting Cori Nielsen, founder of Sacred Childbirth with Reiki, for a weekend at the end of March.  The training is open to Reiki Practitioners of Level II or higher.
7 pm Friday - 3 pm Sunday Mar. 30 - April 1, 2011
Tuition $425 ($100 deposit reserves your space).  You can stop into Radiance, or call for an application form.  Registrations are being taken directly by Cori Nielsen.
Practitioner Training

This profound training is life-transforming. We gather in a circle to first evening to pass the talking stick as we introduce ourselves, to state our intent, and to hold profoundly sacred, safe Reiki space for each other as we share our stories of birth, miscarriage, adoption, infertility, and the myriad of other ways that we have been wounded in our sexuality. This intimate, nurturing space is held throughout the next two days as students experience the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki process. They are taught how to use this process to assist their partner in releasing their bodies’ negative feelings and memories about birth. They learn how to guide their class partner to re-experience and clear all negativity from their own birth. This clearing creates a clean palate or blank slate for them to create new, positive, vibrantly peaceful pathways for the birthing energy to flow as they practice how to birth their “dream” baby.
Each student experiences the process two to three times both as the receiver and the giver. Not only does this create in the practitioner a clear palate to be able to hold a neutral space for their clients, it also allows them to encode at a cellular level a peaceful, sacred, joyous way to birth their dreams.
Life-transforming, empowering Reiki sessions, an instructional manual, specific tools to work with clients, discussion, sharing, integration time, and deep heart connections in a calm, peaceful, sacred space make this week-end an invaluable experience.

Embark upon this week-end of sacred ceremony to:

  • Experience this process yourself to release any negativity you hold around birth.
  • Access the ancient painless birthing wisdom locked in your DNA and joyously birth your "dream" baby.
  • Learn the tools to empower couples to create a tranquil, drug-free birth, without pain on their own.
  • Receive certification as a Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ practitioner.
Pre-requisite: Reiki Level II or aboveCori Nielsen, MDiv, RM/T • Email: • Phone: 815-325-0353

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