Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Shipment of African Market Bastets has Arrived!

Come in to see the new selection!  We've been selling these African Market Baskets since before Radiance opened, nearly six years ago.  We LOVE them!  The colors are always a delight & add to the visual delight you experience in the shop.  Handmade in Ghana, they are a traditional design, and are made by members of a fair trade collective.  And, they are not just beautiful, they are strong.  These baskets are made to be working baskets.  I've been carrying one every day for more than 5 years - yes, the same one... back & forth to work, it holds everything I need, from my calendar to my lunch and knitting, from vegetables I buy at market to herbal reference books.  It's my version of a briefcase.  Because, what would an herbalist look like carrying a briefcase?...

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