Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shamanic Healing Appointments with Adhi Two Owls

April 24 through May 5, 2014

Adhi offers healing in many transformational techniques, depending on the needs of the client’s situation. From shaking the rattle and journeying to other dimensions to receive information, entity/attachment removal, Radiesthesia (dowsing for people, places and things), tarot readings, throwing the bones for divination, Reiki, and energy balancing... 

She says, “What is most important to me as a healer is to bring you to a place of balance, wholeness, clarity and serenity as efficiently and effectively as possible. This will look different for everyone. I have learned that wellness is a process of recognizing and changing our relationship to people, places and things. I encourage my clients to seek out support from family, friends and the community. It is by balancing the inner and outer worlds that people get healthy.”

A limited number of healing appointments are available . Adhi normally charges $150.00 for an appointment, but is offering them at Radiance for a very special discounted rate of $85.

Call Radiance at 717-290-1517, to schedule an appointment.

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