Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alice Schwager Showing at Radiance

Wow! Wow! Wow! We have a collection of Alice Schwager's paintings hanging in our gallery/classroom through the end of the year. They are stunning. Artist reception will be held on First Friday in December from 5 until 8pm. In addition to the paintings, Alice will have a collection of her dolls here at Radiance for the reception.

Alice is a mixed-media visionary artist, expressing spiritual and healing themes in her art. Her intent is that when we gaze into her works, mundane thoughts dissolve for a moment and we stare into our divine cores.

A prolific painter, Alice was born in Romania, however now lives in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She describes her inspiration for her artwork as being "a force outside of herself", almost as if she were simply compelled by channeling, rather than actually creating her own artwork without some sort of inexplicable or even divine drive. Although her original use of color, collage, textures and cerebral motifs make her work identifiable and recognizable as being "her own" style, nonetheless, each one of her hundreds of paintings is truly unique, thereby reaffirming both her creative talents and endless imagination.

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Sister Latifah said...

Alice's work is phenomenal! I have the pleasure of calling her friend. We met in Harrisburg, PA and knew instantly that we were connected spirits. You will be amazed with her art just as I was. Congratulations Alice!
Latifah Shabazz